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WPEngine Features Review

WP Engine is considered as one of the leading web service providers when it comes to WordPress hosting. Starting at only $29 per month, WP Engine offers excellent features which allow you, the user, to easily manage your WordPress website and keep it secured at all times.

An Informative WPEngine Features Review

If this is the first time you’ve heard about WP Engine, you might be having doubts as to whether you should go for this hosting service or not. To help you decide, I have prepared a list of WP Engine features which you will surely find helpful.

The WP Engine Experience

WP Engine is a managed hosting which is designed specifically for WordPress installations. There’s no need to install WordPress like what you do with most web hosts. In fact, the content management system comes preinstalled. When it comes to content creation, WP Engine works pretty much like other self-hosted WordPress installation. You can easily create pages, posts, galleries, and more in minutes!

Other than that, there’s a wide range of plug-ins which work perfectly fine with WP Engine. One good thing with WP Engine is that it automates a lot of functions such as plug-in updates and daily backups.

Features Included

WP Engine can offer you the features you need for your WordPress website for a very reasonable price. If you’re wondering what those features are, they are as follow:

1. Quick and Reliable

It can’t be denied that WP Engine is fast, and it is due to certain factors which include the following:

– They use excellent servers
– They refrain from overloading their servers
– The servers are optimized for the WordPress platform

Most of the WP Engine plans include using a CDN (content delivery network) which essentially offloads all of your CSS, images, and JavaScript thus making your website load even faster. This is particularly beneficial if you have a media heavy website.

2. Enhanced Security

WP Engine protects your site from various threats by implementing daily malware scans and multiple firewalls which are updated on a daily basis. They even state that if your site is hacked, they will repair the damage for free!

3. One-Click Staging Sites

The good thing about one-click staging sites is that they allow you to setup testing environments which are basically copies of your live site. They essentially act as a preview but gives you the freedom of updating or changing anytime real-time. Once you are satisfied with the changes, all it takes is just one click away to update the changes and push them to the live site. This feature allows you to test massive changes like theme modifications, or even smaller changes like adding new content or plug-ins.

4. Migration and Setup

WP Engine doesn’t feature the traditional cPanel. Instead, you will get a much simpler control panel which allows you to setup and does almost everything with the utmost ease. By making a “new install”, WordPress will be automatically setup and installed for you. After that, you will then have the ability to work on your website or perhaps migrate over your existing one.

WP Engine even has its own migration plugin making the task of migration a lot easier.

5. Excellent Customer Support

WP Engine’s customer support is top class. They always make sure to provide you with the answer you need everything you’re faced with some issues. They are also very responsive, which you can tell by how quick they reply on your emails. They even have a ticketing support system which almost feel like a live chat since you can get almost instant responses every time.


That said, WP Engine is a real gem and it’s all thanks to the WP Engine features listed above. If you need a bit of everything, then it’s the perfect choice for you. Other than providing you with quality hosting and excellent features, it is also available for a very reasonable price. WP Engine‚Äôs service is definitely rated 5/5.

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